Buddha Shakyamuni said in the Sutra on Offering Lamps:   These are the results of offering lamps: You will not lose consciousness at death. You will illuminate all directions. You will see fine things never before seen. You will definitely be reborn in a higher state And take your seat among the enlightened beings.   […]

Chenrezik & Sitting Meditation Instruction with Lama Losang  and 3rd Annual Benefit Dinner & Dharma Talk

  Chenrezik & Sitting Meditation Instruction with Lama Losang    We are excited to announce that on October 21th Lama Losang will be visiting to give instruction on the Chenrezik Sadhana practice. Chanted weekly this practice develops and enriches an attitude of loving-kindness and compassion for all beings without exception. Lama will also give instruction […]

Lama Karma Drodhul Public Talk and Weekend Teaching August 25-27th

We have exciting news that Lama Karma Drodhul will be returning to KTC Jacksonville for a weekend program August 25th-27th! Lama Karma will give a public talk, teachings at KTC Jax, offer Refuge (the ceremony by which one formally becomes a Buddhist), and bestow the Amitabha Empowerment. Lama Karma is Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche’s principle attendant […]

Lama Karma Drodul Visit August 25-27

We are excited to announce the return visit from Lama Karma Drodul. His visit will consist of: Public talk on Death and Dying Weekend teaching on The Four thoughts that turn the mind to Dharma and Ngondro practice The giving of Refuge Ceremony and Amitabha Empowerment Full details to be announced shortly.

KTC Jax Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche Webcast

We are pleased to announce that the next KTC webcast with Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche will be Karma Chagme’s “Prayer for Offering Prostrations.” Please join us in receiving this precious teaching from our beloved teacher. Prostrations are the first foundation of the Preliminary Practices. Khenpo Rinpoche will teach the meaning and benefits of prostration practice, categories […]

A Benefit Event for KTC Jax

Umbrella The precious umbrella symbolizes the wholesome activity of preserving beings from illness, harmful forces, obstacles and so forth in this life and all kinds of temporary and enduring sufferings of the three lower realms, and the realms of human beings and gods in future lives. It also represents the enjoyment of a feast of […]

August Special Teaching Announcement

Cultivating Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Health: TEACHINGS ON THE PRACTICE OF MEDICINE BUDDHA By LAMA KARMA DRODHUL We are honored and delighted to welcome Lama Karma Drodhul, Retreat Master at Karme Ling Retreat Cetner, to Karma Thegsum Choling Jacksonville August 6-7, 2016.  Lama Karma will be teaching on the profound healing practice of Medicine Buddha. The […]

Accumulation and Offering of Chenrezig Mantra by KTC Jax

The benefits of reciting the mantra Om Mani Peme Hung, associated with the Buddha Chenrezig, the Buddha of Compassion, are held to be as infinite as space.  This mantra is a prayer, a deep aspiration from our most loving heart and mind, that all beings in all realms be reborn in a state of bliss, […]

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